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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to raise start-up capital for a music school business?

Before you start your own music school a business plan is a must. Opening a PartyMap Music School requires an investment of 10-12 Lakhs only. You can raise capital via borrrowing from leading financial institutions.

2. How to attract clients?

PartyMap's business management system lets you advertise and promote your center locally.

3. How to generate profits?

All PartyMap school franchise have not only recovered their investment but also are generating a steady stream of income month over month. There have been franchisees who have opted for more than one PartyMap School.

4. How to run the business?

If you venture out on your own you will have to go through several attempts before you realise what your strategy should be. But with PartyMap we bring to you the perfect strategy which has been improvised over 10 years of our existence. You get a headstart from day one. Once you become a Franchisee we provide complete know how and hand hold you to run your business successfully in your local territory. We have worked with people from all types of background like artists, business men, salried individuals, freshers, administrators.

5. Marketing strategy?

Once you become a Franchisee we provide complete know how and hand hold you to run your business successfully in your local territory. We have worked with people from all types of background like artists, business men, salried individuals, freshers, administrators.

You will be happy to know that PartyMap is a leader in the field of Disc Jockey training in India however there will always be competition in your area and this is a good thing to have. Having competition readies the market for you and makes it easier for your to start sales to a audience which is well aware of a music school. The market is huge enough to absorb several small players and it creates a level playing field. The best one always wins. PartyMap is the best.

7. How many days will it take to setup a PartyMap Music School?

PartyMap music school business plan is the blueprint of your business. It should be the working document with which you can use to run your business. It should take you 45-60 days to be up and running if you follow the instructions completely.

8. What should be my Location and Infrastructure like?

You need a great location with sound proofed lesson rooms. The size of your music school depends on your budget. You cannot start this business from home as a professional environment leads to a profitable and stable business that people can trust for it's quality. You will need a professional place in a busy suburb of your locality.

9. Does PartyMap provide certification?

Yes, our students get a signed certificate from the founders of PartyMap. PartyMap also is an affiliate of National Skills India and we also provide NSDC certificates to our students. If you want your music school with the view of getting it accredited so that you can issue certificates and diplomas, and then you should rent a facility that can accommodate the numbers of students you would want to train per time and your faculty members as well.

10. How to do I get the Musical Instruments and DJ Equipments?

A music school without musical instruments a body without a soul. Keep all the required instruments which you want to teach your students. Buy all the instruments from PartyMap. PartyMap is in the equipments business and can offer you lower than market rates.

11. Will PartyMap help in finding Faculty?

Yes. If you are not going to teach the students yourself, the success of your music school will depend on your faculty. The quality of your hired teachers will not only help you in bringing more students but also to build your reputation. Always hire quality teachers who have good knowledge about their field and have few years of experience.

12. Do you have industry support?

DJ Akhil Talreja is India's leading DJ and has been monikered the "The Tapori King". His beats are unique and can make anyone dance. He is our co-founder. Almost all the top India's DJ's have supported us throughout the year and have taken several guest sessions at our centers. We also support from equipment manufacturers like Pioneer, Novation, Focusrite, Avid, M-Audio and many more.
learn from akhil talreja at his school

Franchise Facts


10-12 Lakhs


350 sqft


<15 Months

Founded in


Massive Industry

The global EDM (Electronic Dance Music) industry is now worth an estimated $4 billion a year when recorded music, live and broadcast activity and other spin off products are taken into account. EDM has emerged from underground scene to become a worldwide phenomenon. Low cost technology has allowed DJ/Producers to build brands without help from major music companies. Their success has led to the shake up of music industry. EDM mixed Bollywood numbers are the only craze that is burning the dance floors for Indian and other Desi communities around the globe. Bollywood Music Directors are restricted when it comes to delivering dance music at high tempo combined with hard club beats because they have to cater to a larger audience and not just party goers. These songs are not playable when the party demands extreme dance songs. Hence a DJ is compelled to create the right mix of all these top hit songs to make them playable in parties. There is a never ending demand for DJs playing their composed remixes of Bollywood or English numbers. Just like a Party or a Wedding is never ending and so is demand for a good DJ and a good Remix. We offer training for both! Put these facts together and there is a huge potential in setting up a profitable business opportunity in the DJ ACADEMY space.

Products We Use

learn on pioneer pro digital dj decks and rekordbox
fl studio tutorials training course
ableton tutorials training course
traktor Rekordbox tutorials training course
serato Rekordbox tutorials training course
learn avid protools tutorials training course
learn sound engineering recording mixing tutorials training course
learn electronic dance music production tutorials training course
learn logic pro tutorials training course
learn numark controller tutorials training course
learn sound setup mackie tutorials training course
learn midi production m-audio sequencing arrangement tutorials training course

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Head Office ADDRESS

Party Map Mumbai - Andheri
511, 5th Floor,
Shoppers Point, S.V. Road,
Opp Andheri Station, Andheri(W),
Mumbai - 400059, India.
Chat on Whatsapp
Email : franchise AT partymap DOT in

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