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Enquire for Online Visual Jockey Courses in India

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Learn fl studio tutorial from PartyMap music production school

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DJ Basic Beginner to Advance DJ course by Akhil Talreja at PartyMap Academy

Advance DJing

ડીજે કેવી રીતે બનવું

Advance DJ course is designed by India's top celebrity DJ Akhil Talreja & is the foremost choice of beginner. You will learn all genres of music from Hip Hop to Tapori style. With ample practice time you will learn on Pioneer CD Decks, Rekordbox & Serato with club mixing techniques. This is a highly professional course that trains you to perform at any venue and face all type of audience. Get certified at the end of this course.

3.5 Months

Electronic Music Production School

Electronic Music Production Course

સંગીત નિર્માતા કેવી રીતે બનવું

Program, produce & master a variety of genres. Learn software Ableton or FL Studio & produce mastered songs in this 100% hands-on course. Learn to make EDM Remixes. Learn to use VST, VSTi & MIDI to enhance your output. Finalize your mixes upto perfection. Learn extensively on pitch & audio transformation plugins. Learn mastering, sound designing techniques & create your unique melodies. Get certified at the end of this course.

4 Months

Visual Jockey Course at PartyMap India Academy

Visual Jockey Course

Video illusions behind every performer has become a craze. Videos transform an entertainers act and glorifies his stage presence. Today Visual Jockey are a must for every live outdoor stage events. Whether it is the New Year at Burj Khalifa or launch of an Audi car, VJs are everywhere. Learn live projection mapping technique & set your career on fire with this crash course

7 Days

Sound Engineering Courses

Sound Engineering Course

This course is in collaboration with Award winning Recording Engineer Mr. Saibu Simon. Learn on Anaolg Boards, Protools, Logic, learn techniques like 5.1 recording and Sync Sound. Get a film project at the end of the course. Work in one of India's best designed studio with the power of outboard gears like Manley, Avalon, Crane Song, Drammer, TC Electronics M Series, Lexicon & Klark Teknik

1 Year

DJ Basic Beginner to Advance DJ course by Akhil Talreja at PartyMap Academy

Sound Designing Course

After you have completed music production training you will have to render your tracks at a very high International quality. In this course you will learn to delivery finest quality sound with the help of Mastering Plugins that integrate with FL Studio & Ableton. You will get training on popular third party effect packs and bundles like iZotope, Waves, FabFilters, Massive, Avenger also learn Melodyne & Vocalsynth in this course

1 Month

Learn Music Theory at PartyMap Academy

Music Theory Course

This is a summary of all important music techniques. You can learn all important concepts of music theory and apply it in the music production class. This is a must for all music producers.

1 Month

Learn to process vocal at PartyMap Academy

Vocal Processing Course

Editing Recording Fine Tuning vocals of a singer requires detailing. Quality of the vocals have to be superior and audible. Knowledge of processing a vocal is very important. Learn this skill at Party Map School

1 Month

VJing (pronounced: VEE-JAY-ing) is a broad designation for real-time visual performance. Characteristics of VJing are the creation or manipulation of imagery in realtime through technological mediation and for an audience, in synchronization to music. VJing often takes place at events such as concerts, nightclubs, music festivals, and sometimes in combination with other performative arts. This results in a live multimedia performance that can include music, actors, and dancers. The term VJing became popular in its association with MTV's Video Jockey but its origins date back to the New York club scene of the 70s. In both situations VJing is the manipulation or selection of visuals, the same way DJing is a selection and manipulation of audio. VJ hardware can be split into categories -
1. Source hardware generates a video picture that can be manipulated by the VJ, e.g. video cameras and Video Synthesizers.
2. Playback hardware plays back an existing video stream from disk or tape-based storage mediums, e.g. VHS tape players and DVD players.
3. Mixing hardware allows the combining of multiple streams of video e.g. a Video Mixer or a computer utilizing VJ software.
4. Effects hardware allows the adding of special effects to the video stream, e.g. Colour Correction units
5. Output hardware is for displaying the video signal, e.g. Video projector, LED display, or Plasma Screen.

There are many types of software a VJ may use in their work, traditional NLE production tools such as Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Apple's Final Cut Pro is used to create content for VJ shows. Specialist performance software is used by VJs to playback and manipulate video in real-time.

VJ performance software is highly diverse and includes software that allows a computer to replace the role of an analog video mixer and output video across extended canvasses composed of multiple screens or projectors. Small companies producing dedicated VJ software such as Modul8 and Magic give VJs a sophisticated interface for real-time processing of multiple layers of video clips combined with live camera inputs, giving VJs a complete off the shelf solution so they can simply load in the content and perform. Some popular titles which emerged during the 2000s include Resolume, NuVJ.

At PartyMap students will learn on Resolume Arena software.

resolume arena visual jockey courses online

Live Video Mixing
Resolume puts you in charge. You can play your videos when you want, how you want. Forwards, backwards, scratch, and adjust tempo to the beat. Mix and match your visuals quickly and easily and play Resolume like an instrument.

Intuitive Interface
Whatever your style is, Resolume offers you an easy interface to rock it. Use as little or as many videos and effects as you like. The only limit is your computer's raw power and your imagination.

From Your Local Club to Main Stage
You can play on any amount of screens. From a simple screen behind the DJ in your local club to main stage at Ultra. As long as your computer can recognise it as an output, Resolume will let you use it.

Audio Visual Playback
Resolume plays both audio and video files. Animate pixels and drop beats, combine any video file with any audio file.

Audio Visual Effects
Resolume has both audio effects and video effects. Use them separately or combine them to create exciting new audiovisual effects.

Audio Analysis
Make clips and effects dance to the beat. Resolume can analyse audio to make any parameter bounce to the music.

Projection Mapping with Arena
Project video on any type of surface. Complex geometrical structures or whole buildings. Resolume does all the hard work, so you can concentrate on the important part: being creative.

Blend Projectors with Arena
With edge blending you can seamlessly project one beautiful widescreen image with two or more projectors. It can even wrap around for a full 360 degree experience.

Project on Cars, Buildings or Pumpkins
With Arena you can take on any size mapping project. From projecting on DJ booths to cars, buildings and LED mappings on giant stages like Ultra.

LED There Be Light
Think outside the screen and colour the lights too! With Arena you can send out colours to DMX fixtures and the lights will be in sync with your visuals.

Live Composite & Effects
Adjust the scale and position of your clips to suit your needs. Apply effects to drastically change the look of your video. Everything runs on the video card so you get the fastest performance and best image quality possible.

Real Time Rendering
Apply effects, blend, mix, cut and edit, everything happens on the spot.

Audio & Visual Plugins
All visual effects in Resolume are plugins and you can easily add more effects by download 3rd party plugins. You can even program your own using OpenGL. On the audio side you can use VST plugins to play your favourite effects.
Integrate With Other Apps

With Syphon on the Mac and Spout on Windows you can share visuals in real-time between Resolume and other apps running on the same computer. You can even program your own apps that integrate with Resolume.

All Hands on Deck
Liberate yourself from the mouse. Use your favourite MIDI controller or get physical with your iPhone via OSC.
Control from a Lighting Desk

You can control Arena from a lighting desk using DMX. So you can operate the lights and video with the touch of a fader.

Visual Jockey course at PartyMap is for 7 days. Thrice a week. 2 hours each session.

The Genesis of Visual Jockey - (DAY 1)
• Visual Jockey and the importance in visual show design
• All about Visual Loops, Motion Graphics, Animation Video
• Understanding 2D & 3D content
• Understanding Live Content
• Growth and background of the live entertainment industry
• 2 Sides of a VJ - Content Creator & Live Performer

Different Visual Projection Softwares - (DAY 1)
• Review of all Industry-standard software
• Begin with Resolume

Fundamentals of Video Data - (DAY 2)
• Understanding Frames (FPS), Resolution, Video Compression Data Format,
• Video Formats, Pixel Density (PPI) & Brightness (Nits)

Mastering Resolume - (DAY 3-7)
• Overview of Resolume
• Layer Based Visual Performance SOFTWARE
• Composition
• Clips
• Effects
• Blend Modes
• How To Setup Resolume
• How to Set Output resolution according to the monitor

Understanding Work Flow Techniques - (DAY 3-7)
• Workflow
• Methods
• Thinking
• Ideas
• Problem Solving

This is a certification course by PartyMap Academy

DJ Akhil Talreja academy

About Us

At PartyMap Academy you can enroll for Full Resolume Course in class and online format. These Visual Jockey classes are conducted from our centers. Learning Resolume VJ is best and easier when learnt from a proper school like PartyMap Academy. After all, there is nothing that can match an artist’s creativity. So what’s keeping you from polishing your talent to the best of your ability and learn VJ in India, that too, from the best vj institute in India. After all you’re one of a kind, then why not paint the world the way you want it and sway the audience with your visuals by becoming a pro with the best video production courses in India. Learn and improve with a wide range of visual courses from Resolume course in India to Adobe After effects and learn from the most amazing and experienced faculty available throughout the nation. After all, the world is your playground and you... you are the player! So make the ground move and the crowds shake with your amazing persona and even more amazing visuals with a little help from one of the top vj schools in India.

learn from akhil talreja at his academy

Course Director & Faculty, DJ & Music Production Dept.

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