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Learn fl studio tutorial from PartyMap music production school

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DJ Basic Beginner to Advance DJ course by Akhil Talreja at PartyMap Academy

Advance DJing

ડીજે કેવી રીતે બનવું

Advance DJ course is designed by India's top celebrity DJ Akhil Talreja & is the foremost choice of beginner. You will learn all genres of music from Hip Hop to Tapori style. With ample practice time you will learn on Pioneer CD Decks, Rekordbox & Serato with club mixing techniques. This is a highly professional course that trains you to perform at any venue and face all type of audience. Get certified at the end of this course.

3.5 Months

Electronic Music Production School

Electronic Music Production Course

સંગીત નિર્માતા કેવી રીતે બનવું

Program, produce & master a variety of genres. Learn software Ableton or FL Studio & produce mastered songs in this 100% hands-on course. Learn to make EDM Remixes. Learn to use VST, VSTi & MIDI to enhance your output. Finalize your mixes upto perfection. Learn extensively on pitch & audio transformation plugins. Learn mastering, sound designing techniques & create your unique melodies. Get certified at the end of this course.

4 Months

Visual Jockey Course at PartyMap India Academy

Visual Jockey Course

Video illusions behind every performer has become a craze. Videos transform an entertainers act and glorifies his stage presence. Today Visual Jockey are a must for every live outdoor stage events. Whether it is the New Year at Burj Khalifa or launch of an Audi car, VJs are everywhere. Learn live projection mapping technique & set your career on fire with this crash course

7 Days

Sound Engineering Courses

Sound Engineering Course

This course is in collaboration with Award winning Recording Engineer Mr. Saibu Simon. Learn on Anaolg Boards, Protools, Logic, learn techniques like 5.1 recording and Sync Sound. Get a film project at the end of the course. Work in one of India's best designed studio with the power of outboard gears like Manley, Avalon, Crane Song, Drammer, TC Electronics M Series, Lexicon & Klark Teknik

1 Year

DJ Basic Beginner to Advance DJ course by Akhil Talreja at PartyMap Academy

Sound Designing Course

After you have completed music production training you will have to render your tracks at a very high International quality. In this course you will learn to delivery finest quality sound with the help of Mastering Plugins that integrate with FL Studio & Ableton. You will get training on popular third party effect packs and bundles like iZotope, Waves, FabFilters, Massive, Avenger also learn Melodyne & Vocalsynth in this course

1 Month

Learn Music Theory at PartyMap Academy

Music Theory Course

This is a summary of all important music techniques. You can learn all important concepts of music theory and apply it in the music production class. This is a must for all music producers.

1 Month

Learn to process vocal at PartyMap Academy

Vocal Processing Course

Editing Recording Fine Tuning vocals of a singer requires detailing. Quality of the vocals have to be superior and audible. Knowledge of processing a vocal is very important. Learn this skill at Party Map School

1 Month

This course is the first course every beginner should go for to become a professional Disc Jockey. Learn to spin all genres of music from Hip Hop to Tapori style of beats. Understand how to handle different types of beat structures, rise, and drops. Practice time in the studio is included in the course, and there is always a tutor on hand to help and advise. With only 5 students in the batch, you will receive the tutor's full attention and won't feel crowded or rushed. You will be given plenty of time to practice during each session. During the course, you will be learning on Pioneer Digital Decks with Rekordbox club mixing techniques.

3 months
Thrice a week for 2 Hours each
Course Structure
  • Equipment set up
  • Pitch Matching
  • Beat Mixing
  • Mixing Board Skills
  • Looping
  • FX
  • Set Structure
  • Mix Points
  • Performance
  • Rekordbox
  • Knowledge of Indian DJ Industry
  • Personality Grooming
  • Getting gigs
  • Playing out

Pioneer makes the world's best DJ mixers

This is a specially designed course for professional DJs. If you ever wanted to learn in a professional atmosphere and correct your doubts and faults then this is the best course for you. This is a certification course.


1.5 months


Thrice a week for 2 Hours each

Learn Advanced CD Mixing from India's top DJ - Akhil Talreja himself and get to know the advanced level of performing at clubs, marriages, award functions or stage shows. Get ready to face the world. Get the privilege of being the lucky few. Knowledge Power Status is what you can acquire once you are done with this Course. All the experience knowledge personality grooming discipline and perfection will be downloaded into you during the course.
learn from Akhil Talreja at his academy
Course Code - CDX

Students opting for DJing course on Decks can upgrade to this course. You will learn live digital mixing using Serato

Course Code - DDX

Course Syllabus

1. Theory: Introduction, Use of Digital DJ'ing & Advantages & Disadvantages of Digital DJ'ing
2. Theory: Setup, Connections, Diagram
3. Practical: Playing with the Laptop's Display Screen off on the CDJ or Controller
4. Practical: Playing with the Laptop's Display Screen On
5. Practical: Software Interface in details, Making Crate's or Playlists of the Library
6. Practical's: Using Loops, Hot Cue's & Effects
7-8. Session: Practicals: Lots of Practice & Doubt Clearing
9: Test

Serato DJ is an award-winning, digital DJing software used by professionals across the globe

Battle on CDJs is a course designed for DJs who want to get an extra edge with knowledge on using CDJs as Turntables and winning a DJ Championship! Learn how to prepare for a DJ Championship with a 1-month course Battle on CDJs
Course Structure

1 Month
Thrice a week for 2 Hours each
Course Syllabus
Day 1
1. Basic Introduction
2. Field Scope
3. Advantages
Day 2
Getting Started In CDJ Turntablism
1. Mixer Setup
2. Cross Fader Setup
Day 3
Scratching Basic
1. Baby Scratch (Faderless Scratch Technique)
Day 4
Scratching Basic
1. Tear Scratch (Faderless Scratch Technique)
Day 5
Fading & Cutting
1. Use Of Fader With Scratch Technique
Day 6
Fading & Cutting
1. Stabing (Fader Scratch Technique)
2. Crabing (Fader Scratch Technique)
Day 7
Beat Juggling Basic
1. Looping (Basic Beat Juggling Pattern)
Day 8
Beat Juggling Basic
1. Looping (Revision)
Day 9
Beat Juggling
1. Advance Looping (Using Two Different Loops From Same Track And Combing Them)
Day 10
1. Combining All Technique
Day 11
1. Combining All Technique And Implementation
Day 12
Set Preparation For War/Battle Of DJ's
Student Should Be Well Aware Of CDJs.

The best course for Kids & Teenager alike and also for all those who want to learn for fun and hobby
Course Code - TEENDJ
Course Syllabus

  1. Eligibility - min age is 13 years
  2. 1 Month Workshop - 3 Classes a Week, 2 hours each
  3. Learn to set up the DJ Equipment
  4. Learn song mixing technique
  5. Speak professionally on the mic
  6. Change your personality with this course
  7. Mix on software

India's first online course. Learn from the comfort of your home. The difference between PartyMap’s Online DJ course and other online courses is that we provide personalisation with a live tutor. The live tutor we will assign is a certified experienced professional who will cater to your learning requirements and teach you accordingly. There are DJing tricks, tips & resources that our trainer will deliver to you, which you will not find online. By speaking with the trainer you will feel comfortable and confident. The trainer will cover several fundamentals theories that will be simplified when he speaks to you. This will not be available with any other online course in the world. In the end, you will receive a participation certificate. If you wish to get a grade then you will have the option to record your examination set to receive a graded achievement certification from us. Cost - USD 200 or Rs. 15,000 Also along with this course, he will also receive 30 min free practice time at PartyMap's own centers throughout India and an upgrade offer to enroll for the professional advance DJ course on a console at 25% off at any center of PartyMap
Course Structure
Course Code - DDLITE
Duration - 12 Sessions / 1 hour each
Software taught - Serato DJ
Course Syllabus

  1. Eligibility - min age is 13 years
  2. 1 Month Workshop - 3 Classes a Week, 2 hours each
  3. Learn to setup the DJ Equipment
  4. Learn song mixing technique
  5. Speak professionally on the mic
  6. Mix on software

Pre-requisites for this Course
1. Good Laptop / Desktop
2. Good Web-Cam
3. Good internet speed
4. Controller and headphone (preordered) through us
5. Good multimedia speaker or boom box

Music School Franchise Business Opportunity in Bikaner

If we are not in your city then you have a chance to become our business partner. You can start a PartyMap Academy in your area in Bikaner and become part of a successful venture.

DJ Akhil Talreja academy

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At PartyMap Academy you can enroll for Full Pioneer DJ Courses in class and online format. These DJ classes are conducted at our centers. Learning DJ is best and easier when learnt from a proper school like PartyMap Academy. After all, there is nothing that can match an artist’s creativity. So what’s keeping you from polishing your talent to the best of your ability and learn DJ in Bikaner, that too, from the best Disc Jockey institute in Bikaner. After all you’re one of a kind, then why not paint the world the way you want it and sway the audience with your music mixing skills by becoming a pro with the best dj courses in Bikaner. Learn and improve with a wide range of courses from Rekordbox course in Bikaner to Serato course in Bikaner and learn from the most amazing and experienced faculty available throughout the nation. After all, the world is your playground and you... you are the player! So make the ground move and the crowds shake with your amazing persona and even more amazing music with a little help from one of the top DJ schools in Bikaner.

learn from akhil talreja at his academy

Course Director & Faculty, DJ & Music Production Dept.

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